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Buzzer / Intercom Repair

Intercom Not Working?

Doorbuzzer Not Working?

  My Intercom Is Not Working  
  Intercom Entry Panel Not Working
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Do you have a door buzzer system or intercom system that is not working? If you're having problems ringing your unit, problems opening the door, or problems talking or listening to who is at the door, call Lincoln Home Services to help you fix the intercom and doorbuzzer system.


Can't Hear the Buzzer? Can't Communicate? Can't Open Door?

Buildings with intercom systems that are not working properly open themselves up to security risks. Make sure everyone in your building can communicate with visitors so they know the visitor's identity before allowing them access to the building.

If your building has problems communicating with the front door or releasing the door to give visitors access contact our licensed electricians at Lincoln Home Services to resolve your problem.

Intercom Entry Panel Not Working



Apartment Intercom Station Not Working?
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